How to Go Through Walls as Piggy in Roblox Piggy (Glitches)

As You might know, in this guide there are a lot of dance clips for killing glitchers. It is the easiest way to do it, It works Constantly and can be easily done on mobile. You still have to zoom in at the right time.

To make the zoom in easier on mobile, you will need to put the camera near your head so you only have to zoom a bit to get the timing correct. You can use one of the original skins like gorge, daddy, memory, kitty and others with the same animation.

After that, you will need to find a thin wall.

Type /e dance2 in the chat but don’t press enter. When you walk into the wall and piggy looks right like this, press enter on the chat.

At this part of the dance, you will need to zoom in.

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