How to Hit 3 Enemies With 1 Strike – Trophy Guide (Sifu)

This guide will let you know how to hit enemies with one strike in Sifu. You have to follow the simple instructions to do so.  

Kung-Fu Tussle

Hitting three enemies in a single strike requires 360 swing skill and two full stamina bars. It is possibly one of the hardest trophies to get.

You can use the 360 swing focus attack, you will need to unlock it. You will also require 2 full bars for stamina and a staff.

With the skill unlocked, you have to load up the sanctuary.

You have to die in the main courtyard before the final boss. You don’t want to kill everyone, but take the staff from the final enemy.  

You can build up to focus on the easier enemies first by dodging their attacks.

Run past everyone and get the staff (strong sweep works wonders).

You will need to lure the enemies to the narrow side where the person is sitting.

Standing at the end, they will bunch up then use the 360 swing attack when three are near.

*The bystander Does count*

It does take a bit of luck, but you can easily try here again if needed.

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