How to Install Team Deathmatch & Warfare Mod in GTA 5

In this mod, you will fight with other enemies in a death match, and you can also have soldiers who will fight for you. This guide will let you know how to download and install the Deathmatch & Warfare Mod

First, you have to download the Warfare Mod, Script Hook V, and Native UI Mod Menu Template files from the links given below.

Extract them after downloading. Firstly, you will need to install native UI, open that folder and copy nativeui.dll file. Then you have to go to the GTA 5 game folder, navigate to the scripts folder (create one if it’s not there), paste that file there. 

After that, you have to return to the downloaded folder, open the scripthookvdotnet folder, and copy the last six files, as shown in the image below. 

And you have to paste those files into the GTA 5 game folder.  

Next, you will need to go back to the downloaded file folders, navigate to the team deathmatch folder, and copy the selected files, as shown below.  

Now you have to get back to the GTA 5 game folder, open the scripts folder, and paste the files there. 

Now the deathmatch mod or warfare mod is installed in your GTA 5 game. 

Start the game, press the F10 key to open the mod menu and click on the teleport to friendly spawn point option. You will see that you are teleported to the spawn point, and then you have to click on Start Team Deathmatch

It will activate the mod and press the F10 key to close the menu, it will start the deathmatch, and all the soldiers you see are on your side. You have to run across the road, and there you will see the enemies in blue outfits, kill them to survive. 

You have to use the invincibility mod so that your health will not be affected and stay alive in the battle. 

To end the match, you will need to press the F10 button and select the Stop Match option to stop or end the match.  

Now you have to click on the Teleport option and then click on start survival mode. In this mode, you will get armour to get safe from the bullets and then you will see that you don’t have an army on your side because it is a survival mode, and you have to survive this mode alone. 

These are the waves, and when each wave comes then you will get 20 enemies who fight you, you have to survive and kill them. To stop this mode you have to press the F10 button, and then click on the stop match option as then the match will stop, and the enemies will run back. 

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