How to Get Catfood – The Battle Cats

In this guide, you will learn how you can get the Cat Food in The Battle Cats. There are multiple foods to get the food cat, and this guide will provide you with all of them. 

1. Sending out Gamatoto 

You can get infinite cat food from Gamatoto, and it’s safe; it doesn’t count as hacking the game. 

2. Watching Ads 

It is also a legit way to get cat food easily. If you are lucky, you’ll get a short ad (5s long) instead of the long one (the 30s).

3. Doing Weekly Missions 

Weekly missions will always be available on the mission tab. You need to do some daily stuff such as playing Metal stages, XP stages, repeating Stories of Legend maps, or doing cat fruit stages. You’ll get 30 cat food each week.

4. Doing Zombie Outbreaks

If you haven’t done any Zombie outbreaks yet, then check it! We’ve 6 Zombie outbreaks right now, three from EoC and three from ItF. You can get 480 free cat food each chapter.

5. Doing Any New Stage

PONOS always provides new stages for each update, so you’ll get at least 30 cat food for beating stages.

6. Unlocking New Cat

You can get five cat foods from unlocking the new cat unit. It sounds stupid because you need either cat food or a rare ticket to get a new cat. But, there’s another way, i.e, beating advent maps gives you free cat as well.

7. Login Stamp

This one isn’t always available, but we get this quite often. It mostly comes during a campaign of special events such as collaboration or celebrating XX download and anniversary. 

8. Buying Gold Pass

The last one isn’t recommended if you don’t have a credit card, you can always buy it for my BCEN and BCJP. Anyways, JP accounts cost more than BCEN. BCJP costs $11.42, BCEN costs $9.99. 

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