How to Kill Campers Glitching in Chapter 3

In this guide, you will learn how to glitch in places where people camp at (Roblox Piggy Glitches).

This first thing you will need to know is how you can get inside the exit.

First, you have to open the chat and type /e dance2. Walk onto the door, when piggy turns his head, open the chat and press enter.

After that, you will need to zoom in at this part of the dance.

You can glitch out here. If your head gets stuck like this, just wait.

The next glitch works on every door in this map.

To get through, just do the same thing as the glitch in the exit. You will need to do the same thing to get back out. You can do the same glitch on this wall on the 2nd floor.

Go here and go down onto the small ledge. This wall is on the 1st floor, which you can also glitch through.

You can use it to glitch back in. You can also glitch down here to get out.

If you get stuck, hold jump and forward, so you won’t fall.

When you’re here, zoom in and walk sideways to get in front of the exit.

If you stay on the invisible block there, you can scare people.

The next glitch is the same as the last ones and it is for the people on the third floor without being hammered yet.

You just have to do the dance clip on the wood.

If you go to the cyan key on the 2nd floor, you can get out of the map.

Just do a dance clip on the wall. This is another way to get in front of the exit.

If you go down there, do the same to get back in.

You may need to wait a long time to get back to the map. 

The last one is how to kill people in the vents and It’s super simple.

You just need to do a dance clip on the vent.

If you are stuck, you will need to use the portal traps to get out of here.

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