How to Level up In Realm Royale

This guide will let you know how to level up extremely fast In Realm Royale. 

It is very important to level up in Realm Royale because you will get crowns as a reward when you level up. And then, you can buy more featured items in the game, as shown in the image below.  

You can level up fast in the game. When you are in survival mode, the longer you survive, the more XP you can get, which will help you level up. You will get 20 XP for each minute you survive in the game.

Another way to gain XP is a Placement bonus which means you have to be on the top three players of the match in each game. Because when you get first place in the game,  you will get 200 XP, and for the second place, you will get 150 XP. For the third place, you can get 100 XP.

If you want to gain more XP, you will need to kill good the rank players in the match because you can get 100 XP on your first elimination, and other eliminations will give you 20 XP in the game.  

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