How to Level up Fast and Get Tons of Money in Vibe NYC Roblox

This guide will let you know how you can level up fast and get a lot of money in Roblox Vibe NYC.  

First, you will need to download an Auto Clicker. It is recommended FreeMouseClicker, but you can use your own Auto Clicker if you want. 

FreeMouseClicker is free to use and does not contain any viruses. You will have no problem using it.

Open this link to download the Auto Clicker. “”.

Just Ignore the ad, and the download should start automatically. 

Filename “mouseclicker.exe” and has this icon. If you don’t have this, delete the file and try to download it again. 

This is how it looks. Make sure to set up as shown in the image below. 

Now let’s join the Vibe NYC!

It is recommended to join your private server because it’s free.

If you join a public server, people can eventually bother you, or the server can shut down. 

You will need to go to a spot you like, open the mouse clicker and click start. 

You can also press CTRL+F2 to start.

The clicker will click your screen every five seconds, preventing you from disconnectivity/ being AFK in-game.

Press CTRL+ f3 to stop the clicker (you can also open the window manually and click stop) 

You need to click exit to close the clicker.

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