How to Level up in Halo Infinite. 

This guide will let you know how to level up and earn rewards during the Fracture Tenrai event Halo Infinite

You will first need to get to the main multiplayer menu and tap on your event progress tab from the right top side of the screen. Now you need to go to the Fracture Tenrai event located in the middle of the screen, and there you will find the list of all the different awards you have earned. The event has a hard cap on the number of challenges you can complete each week.

To level up in this event, you have to complete challenges, and you need to complete all thirty challenges to unlock everything. Tap on to the challenges tab, and there you will find a challenge with a small star on it; the star indicates the ten-year event. If you complete this challenge, you will level up one fractured 10 years event level. After completing the challenge, you will get a chance to unlock another event challenge.

If you cannot find the events in the list, you need to first complete daily or weekly challenges, and then you will be able to get event challenges in the challenges tab. You will get up to three hundred exp on each challenge. 

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