How To Level Up Your Blacksmith Proficiency – Toram Online

If you want to level up your Blacksmith Proficiency in Genshin Impact, then you have come to the right place. This guide will tell you the method to improve the level.

The base proficiency level limit is 50, each skill level of these anvills add 5 more.

With only 30 points spent on anvils you get the limit up to level 200.

In order to level up your Blacksmith Proficiency’s level you should craft items with a higher or closer level.

If the proficiency’s level is higher by a few, you get a lower EXP percentage as it’s started in the list.

Now it’s on level 5, you won’t get as much if you keep crafting shortswords.

Every level adds 1 difficulty so you can level upgrade by grade but it would take longer.

You can distribute your stat points first on TEC or DEX only if your BS build needs it, later on, to start crafting items ahead of your level.

Last step you search for what items are the cheapest to craft from all categories within your difficulty’s range to always get that 25-30% EXP for every craft.

If you still need more difficulty, start leveling up your character for more stat points and you can also have equipment that raises DEX. Keep crafting till your proficiency level reaches that item’s level then switches to a much higher level item and redo the process.

For now the highest Blacksmith Proficiency’s level is 185, which increases as new craftable equipment comes out.

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