How to Loot Gold SOLO in Stealth Approach – GTA Online CAYO PERICO

In this brief guide, you will get to know how to loot gold solo in stealth approach in GTA.

As you know gold is locked behind the dual keypad doors which requires two or more players. But right now there is a way to steal gold while playing cairo perico heist online. This seems to be working for only two rooms, and here they are.

Equip a pistol and take cover on the door, with a character facing your left.

Stay on the right side edge to the door like this, use the shoulder for reference.

Once you are set up this way, tap the right movement key. D on PC and thumbstick on controller. As soon as the character ‘s head turns, you will need to press the aim button (right click on PC).

Move right and aim.

Now you can grab the gold.

You can exit normally but you will have to repeat the steps to enter again. May take a few tries to get it down. Let’s move to the second room where this can be done.

For this one standing a little bit towards the center of the door works. Rest is the same.

Move towards the right side and then aim.

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