How To Make A Candy Machine

Candy Machine is used to have candies, cookies or any other items. Add the particular items in the dispenser and press the button to have some. 

This guide will tell you how to make a Candy Machine in the Minecraft game. 

In order to make this machine, you have to start by removing a block of ground and add three layers of snow on it. 

After this, place an armor stand at the top of ice layers and then add a golden helmet at the top of this armor stand. 

Then place a white concrete block at the top of this armor stand and one more armor stand at the top of this concrete block. Add a brown leather cap on this armor stand. 

Remove the white concrete block block to drop the armor stand on the previous one. 

Follow the same method to drop one more armor stand with a blue leather cap from the top. 

Now you have to place a light blue wool block at the top of the armor stands and then a glass block at the top of the wool block. Push them down using pistons with redstone blocks. 

After this, you have to add a light blue carpet at the top and a birch button on the front of the candy machine. 

Add a light blue banner on the left and right side and remove the wall blocks to place a dispenser on the back side. Add cookies, enchanted golden apple and potions of leaping in the dispenser. 

Now you can press the birch button to have some of them. 

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