How To Make A Snow Golem

Snow golems are utility mobs. They are friendly to their creator and will throw snowballs at enemy mobs.

To make a snow Golem, you will need Pumpkin, snowballs and snow blocks. Please follow the following steps to make Snow Golem. 


In order to make a snow golem, first of all you will have to find and get a pumpkin. Gather pumpkin by using your iron axe. 


After that, the next required item which you need to find is a snow covered area to get at least eight snowballs using your shovel. 

Snow Block

After that, you need to make two snow blocks from snowballs using the crafting table. Open up 3*3 crafting grid to add 8 snowballs in four adjacent cells, two balls in each cell. You will get two snow blocks in the right side box of the crafting table.

Snow Golem

Now you can make a snow golem. Choose a plain surface of your choice and place a snow block, then add another block over it, and finally place a pumpkin at the top. You will find a moving snow golem right away. 

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