How To Make An Eye Scanner Door

Eye Scanner Door will scan your eye to open. Move near the eye of the ender to open it and it will automatically close after some time. 

In this guide, you will learn how to make a Eye Scanner Door. 

The first thing you will need to do is to dig the ground up to 2*2 blocks and place an oak fence in a two block deeper corner. And then add a bucket of Pufferfish on this fence and oak pressure plate at the top of the bucket. 

Add redstone dust on the left side of the oak pressure plate. Dig one block on the left side and add one block of smooth quartz in it. Then place an iron door on this block as shown in the image below. 

Cover the front gap with grass blocks and add more quartz blocks on the back side of the iron door. Place a quartz block on the other side of the gap and then place two more at its top. Join the tops by adding more smooth quartz blocks in between them. 

Add some more smooth quartz blocks in the center and leave a gap alongside the iron door. 

Now you need to add a decorative eye scanner. Add an item frame and then eye of ender on this frame. Follow the same on the back side. 

You have made the door and now it is the time to make the door working. Set the game mode to Survival and go near the eye. The pufferfish will detect you and the door will open up. And it will automatically close after a few moments. 

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