How To Make An Iron Golem

Iron golems are massive and powerful utility mobs. They are useful to defend the villagers from hostile mobs and siege attacks.

To make an Iron Golem, you will need Pumpkin, Iron Ore, Iron Ingot using Furnace and Iron Blocks. Please follow the following steps to make Iron Golem. 


In order to make an iron golem, first of all you will have to find and get a pumpkin. Gather the pumpkin by using your iron axe. 

Iron Ore   

After that the next required item that you need to find is iron ore. Equip your stone pickaxe and get at least 36 iron ore blocks. You will find them under the ground.   

Iron Ingot using Furnace   

Now you need to use the furnace to get iron ingots as you have required iron ores in stock. Go towards the furnace to add coal and iron ore blocks in it. Add 36 iron ore in the upper box and coal in the lower box to get 36 iron ingots in the right-side box of the furnace. Add these iron ingots in your “ready to use” stock.   

Iron Blocks 

Then you will have to craft four iron blocks by using the crafting table. Open up 3*3 crafting grid to add 36 iron ingots in it, four iron ingots in each cell of the grid. You will get four iron blocks in the right side box to the crafting table as 9 iron ingots craft a single iron block. Add these blocks in your “ready to use” stock. 

Iron Golem

Now you can make an iron golem. Choose a plain surface of your choice and place an iron block, then add three more iron blocks on it, so that it should make a T shape. And then you have to place a pumpkin over it. You will see a moving iron golem right away. 

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