How To Make Awkward Splash Potion

Awkward splash potion is a throwable variant of the awkward potion. It can be used in place of an awkward potion to brew the corresponding splash potion. 

In this Brief guide we will tell you how to make Awkward Splash Potion in Minecraft. To get that you first need to make Water Bottle. Other required things are Nether Wart, Awkward Potion, Gunpowder and brewing stand. 

Water Bottle 

In order to make an awkward splash potion, you need to make a water bottle and then  use it in the brewing stand to make the required potion. If you already have this bottle, just use it in the brewing stand. 

Nether Wart 

After that you will have to enter into the nether to find a nether wart. Go and find nether wart in nether fortress. You need to explore the nether fortress to get nether wart. 

Awkward Potion using Brewing Stand 

To make an awkward potion you will have to use a brewing stand. Go towards the brewing stand and make required potion using nether wart and water bottle. Wait a few moments to get your awkward potion. Awkward potion is basically the base for all potions except for the potion of weakness. You can use this potion anytime. 


After that you will have to get gunpowder from the creepers. So you need to kill creepers using your iron sword to get some gun powder. 

Awkward Splash Potion using Brewing Stand 

Now move back to the brewing stand to make an awkward splash potion. Add gunpowder in the upper box and  awkward potion in the lower box of the brewing stand and fire up for some time until you get an awkward splash potion in the lower box of the brewing stand. Add this potion in your “ready to use” stock. 

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