How To Make Water Bottle

Water bottle is a necessary item in the game, it is used to carry the water with you. You will  need Sand Blocks, Glass and Glass Bottle to make Water Bottle. Please follow the following steps to make a Water Bottle.

Sand Blocks

You will have to find and get sand blocks in order to make water bottles. You can find sand blocks near the water, use your iron shovel to collect the sand blocks. You need at least 3 sand blocks.

Glass using Furnace

Now you will have to make glasses from sand blocks using a furnace. Go towards the furnace and add coal and 3 sand blocks to get 3 glasses out of it. Add these glasses into “ready to use” stock.

Glass Bottle

Move to the crafting table just next to the furnace. Open 3*3 crafting grid and add the glasses on it as shown in the image below. Add one glass at the middle cell of the first column, one at the lower cell of the second column and the third one also at the middle cell of the third column. You will get a glass bottle in the right side box. Add this bottle into “ready to use” stock.

Water Bottle

Now you can use this glass bottle to pick water to make it a water bottle. You can use this water bottle for brewing.

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