How To Make Balloon Cart

This guide will let you know how to design a Balloon Cart in the Minecraft game. First, place 3 oak wood fences, the height of the 2 fences should be three blocks and the other one should be 4 blocks high. And then remove the lower blocks of fences. 

Place stained glass blocks of different colors at the top of these fences. These glass blocks will act as balloons. 

The next thing you need to do is to dig the ground under these fences. A rabbit will spawn out of the dug land. Connect the balloons with the rabbit by using a lead. 

Then the rabbit will jump back into the hole and you need to cover this hole with a block of grass. Place smooth quartz blocks and one staircase on the ropes. 

Now you can decorate them by using banners. Take the loom out and use white banner with a blue dye in it. Bring this newly made banner into your inventory. 

Make two banners and add them on the smooth quartz block to make it look beautiful. 

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