How To Make Blender

Blender helps the players to blend different items. You can add any item in the blender and press the button to blend it. 

Go through the guide and follow step-by-step instructions to make one. 

In order to make a Blender in the Minecraft game, the first thing you have to do is place a dispenser by breaking the wall and one dispenser on the left side of it. 

Add armor stands in each of the dispensers and use redstone blocks to take the stands out of the dispensers.

And then you have to add a spruce and a glass block at the top of these stands. Push both the blocks down by using two pistons and redstone blocks. 

Add iron bars on the left side and light gray carpet at the top of glass block 

It looks like a blender now and you need to make this working. Remove the white concrete and place a dispenser at the back side. Add mushroom stew and beetroot soup or any other food item in the dispenser. 

After this add a stone on the lower part of the machine. Now you can press this button to blend anything in the blender.

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