How To Make Cave Spider Spawner XP Farm

The Cave Spider Spawner XP Farm helps you to spawn the spiders and then you can kill them using Bane of Arthropods enchantment. You will be protected from the poison of spiders because of the protective design of the farm. Just kill them to earn a huge amount of XP’s. 

This guide will let you know how to build a Cave Spider Spawner XP Farm in the Minecraft game. 

This farm is really easy to build, it requires a couple of different blocks.

Items Needed:

Three trapdoor

Three slab

Three sign 

Three chest box

Three hopper 

Three wall

Two bucket of water

Bring these things out from the shulker box and add them into inventory to use them in making the farm.

First of all you need to find a cave spider spawner, they are located in mineshafts.

Light it up, so no spider will spawn when building

Now start digging a 9*9 area around the spawner.

The height of the cube will be six blocks, clear three blocks below the spawner and two blocks above.

Now make an infinite water source by digging a 1*3 hole.

Then pick a side and place down two waters in the corners.

Fill your buckets and then you can remove the water now.

Now dig out the blocks that the water didn’t cover.

On the opposite side of the water, dig out a 3*2 hole.

On the second row of the block in the tunnel, place down three signs.

Skip two rows and dig out another 3*2 areas. Place down three chest boxes there. Add three hoppers at the back of the chests.

Add three slabs on top of the hoppers

Now dig out three blocks from next to the slabs and add walls in the hole.

Make the area around the chests a bit bigger and decorate it as you like. Have a look at what we did.

You can start removing some of the blocks in the spawning chamber now.

Remove all the corner blocks so that the water will flow down.

Now place down the water buckets next to the sign boards. 

Cover up the top of the tunnel now.

Last step is to place down the trapdoors

Here is how everything should look from the side view. Every row is three blocks wide.

Now just remove the lights in the chamber and your farm is ready.

When all the lights are removed, the spiders should start coming in pretty quickly.

With this design the spiders can’t hit you, so you are safe from poison. Now you can kill them very easily and as much as you want. Use a bane of arthropods enchantment when killing the spiders since it does the most damage to them.

Swords marked with green can hit one the cave spiders.

It takes about six minutes to get to 27-30 levels with this farm.

I will do an AFK test now for thirty minutes and show you how many items and xp’s i manage to get.

After thirty minutes i got 770 strings and 480 spider eyes with looting III and also a bit over level 31.

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