How To Make Chorus Fruit Farm – AFKable Design

The Chorus Fruit Farm can grow more than 130 fruits every hour. And then you can use the chorus fruits to make end rods and purpur blocks. 

In this guide, you will learn the method to design an AKF Chorus Fruit Farm in the Minecraft game. 

Items Needed:

There are certain items you need to bring out of the shulker box into your inventory to make this farm. The list of items is mentioned below:

First of all you need to dig a one block deep hole. The hole should be 21 blocks long and three blocks wide.

Start placing hoopes when you are done with the hole. First make a line of hoppers from one end to the other.

Now add more hoppers running to the line created before. 

Place a temporary block in the middle and then put an end stone over it. 

Just like this, now repeat this until the end. It should look like this image below when done, all hoppers connected and end stones on top.

Now start placing the glasses diagonally around the end stones. Go up to two temporary blocks and place down the first glass pane.

Then skip a block and add a glass pane again, two times. Three glass panes in total per corner. Do the same with other corners. And you can remove temporary blocks after that.

Now just repeat this with all the gaps between end stones.

Now dig a hole for the chest beside the hopper.

Add a block next to the chest, on the hopper. Then place down power rails from one end to the other.

Also add a block at the other end

Use redstone torches to power the rails.

Now let’s build the double piston extenders for each end stone. Start by placing down two blocks

Then add a repeater running into the bottom one. Then one block in the middle and another repeater running the other way. Make sure to set the repeater on three ticks.

Add two blocks at the end

Now add two pistons facing the endstone. Then add two redstone dust on top of the last two blocks.

Add an observer facing the red stone dust.

To connect the piston extenders, build a second double piston extender and just add a repeater between the two middle blocks like shown below.

Now just build eight more, side by side and connect them using redstone repeaters.

After that build the arrow dropping system. Start by placing down four building blocks.

Then place a redstone on top of the first block and observer on top.

Repeat the same pattern three times more. Use temporary blocks to elevate yourself to place redstones and observers, one over another.

After you place the fourth observer, add two blocks side by side. Then break temporary blocks to go back down. 

Now build up and start placing down the dispensers, and make sure they all are facing down.

Keep placing observers till the end farm area.

Now go up and connect the dispensers with observers. Use scaffolding to go up. Place down two redstones and add a repeater.

Then run the redstones from the repeater to the end

Add a repeater in the middle to extend the power. After that add two redstones and an observer facing away from the farm. Then also connect the pistons with the farm using two redstone repeaters and a building block. And make sure that both repeaters are on the last tick.

Now build the hopper clocks. Start by placing two hoppers running into each other and comparators on both sides. Then add blocks on both sides

Then put redstones on both blocks. Add two pistons over comparators we have placed.

Finally add a redstone block to the right side.

Now add a comparator to connect the two clocks.

Now just build the same clock once again.

Now finally add a lever to turn the farm on and off

Put five stacks of random items in the outer hopper.

Add just two items in the inner hopper. After that you will see the farm will start working right away. Switch the lever to turn the farm on or off.

Now just add arrows or snowballs to the dispensers. After adding arrows just add a minecart and some chorus flowers over end stones.

Farm is ready, just press the lever to turn on the farm and hop in the minecart. Press left shift to dismount. Aim at the end stones and hold down your right click.

If you want to AFK your farm, press F3+T, while holding down your right-click. When you see the screen shown below, release your right click.

Now your right click is auto holding and you can AFK the farm. AFK the farm for about thirty minutes to check the results.

You may get over sixty chorus fruits after this time interval. It is good to have the flower farm as well.

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