How To Make Chorus Flower Farm

Chorus Flower Farm helps the players to grow chorus plants. By growing chorus plants, they will be able to get chorus fruits. 

This guide will let you know how to set a Chorus Flower Farm in the Minecraft game. This will be an AFK farm, you can just sit back to see the result. 

Items Needed

Bring out these things from the shulker box and put them into inventory.

Start off by placing the piston in the middle of your selected area. Add an end stone on top of this piston.

Now dig a 2*1 hole next to the piston, it does not matter on which side.

Place down a repeater in this hole and make sure that it is on the last tick. Then put down a redstone next to it. 

Now build up five scaffoldings for easier block placement.

Put a note block next to the second scaffolding and an observer under it.

Skip a block and place down a dispenser facing the piston. Then add an observer under it.

Lastly put a building block on top of everything. 

Now just do the same thing on all the remaining sides of the piston.

You can add the floor now.

Now also add the sides so water won’t flow over the edge.

Build up four scaffolding from the middle over the endstone.

Start by placing down an observer, facing down.

Then piston on top of it, facing away from the middle.

And then add an observer again, facing the sky this time.

Now do this on all the remaining sides as well. 

Now add the water and the chorus flower in the middle

Last step is to fill the dispensers with arrows or snowballs.

To AFK the farm aim your mouse at the corner of the plant, hold down the right click and press F3+T.

 When you see this screen shown below, release the right click.

Now your right click is auto holding and will replace the flower when the farm breaks it. Also make sure you are holding the flower in your hand, not some random block. 

When the flower breaks, you will automatically place a new one and collect the loot.

After AFKing for about thirty minutes, here is the loot result. We started with three chorus flowers. We got 19 chorus flowers and some extra fruits also.

If you want you can also make a small collection system for the farm with a hopper and a chest.

And if you are planning to AFKing the farm longer, connect the dispensers with chests.

By doing this you will not run out of arrows or snowballs.

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