How to Make Leather Armor(Cap, Tunic, Pants, Boots)

Leather Armor is the weakest type of armor in the Minecraft Survival game. It can be made using the leather that you can obtain after killing some animals.

In order to make the leather armor, you will need to get the leather first. Look for a horse or a cow and kill them with the help of a sword to obtain the leather.

You have to get at least 24 pieces of leather to craft the leather armor. The first thing we are gouging to craft is a leather cap. Make your way to the crafting table and open up the 3*3 crafting grid. Then place the leather pieces in the shape of a cap to craft one.

Next will be the leather tunic. Use the leather pieces on the 3*3 grid to craft a leather tunic. Once you crafted it, don’t forget to take that into your inventory.

The next thing we are going to show is how to make leather pants. Just follow the same method and place the leather pieces in the shape of pants to make leather pants.

The final thing to craft is the leather boots. Use the leather pieces on the crafting grid to make leather boots. And take all the armor items in your inventory.

You have successfully made all the items of the leather armor that are cap, tunic, pants and boots. Wear this armor and get protected from the upcoming damage.

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