How To Make Red Leather Tunic

Red leather tunic is an armor item that protects you from certain attacks of enemies. To make Red Leather Tunic, you will need Cow or Horse Leather, Leather Tunic, Poppy or Red Tulip or Rose Bush and Rose Red Dye. Please follow the following steps to make Leather Tunic.

Cow or Horse Leather

In order to make leather tunic, the first thing you’d need is leather. Look for a cow or horse and kill them to get at least eight leathers.

Leather Tunic

Then you need to make leather Tunic. Make your way to the crafting table and open 3*3 crafting grid. Add seven leathers in the shape of a tunic to craft leather tunic.

Poppy or Red Tulip

After that you will have to find Poppy, Red Tulip or Rose Bush. You may find some in fields.

Rose Red Dye

Now you can make a Rose Red Dye, open up the crafting table and use Poppy or Rose Bush to craft Rose Red Dye. Always remember to take this Red dye in inventory to use later.

Red Leather Tunic

Finally you will be able to craft the Red  leather Tunic. Open the crafting table and add leather tunic and rose red dye in adjacent cells of any row. You will get Red leather tunic. Add this item in your ready to use stock. 

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