How To Make Mossy Cobblestone Wall

Mossy cobblestone walls are similar to fences and it can be used as decoration. As a fence or block, it will protect you from the attacks of the opponents.

To make a Mossy Cobblestone Wall, you will need Cobblestones, Vines and Moss Stone. Please follow the following steps to make  Mossy Cobblestone Wall.

Cobble stones

In order to make a mossy cobblestone  wall, the basic item you will need is cobblestone. You need to get at least six Cobblestones. Use your iron pickaxe to get these stones.


After this, you will have to find and get vines. You need to get at least six vines by using the shears. Go to swamps and jungles in order to find vines.

Moss Stone

Go towards the crafting table and open the 3*3 crafting grid. Add six cobble stones and six vines in adjacent cells on the grid to craft moss stones. Take these stones into your inventory.

Mossy Cobblestone Wall

Add the six moss stones on the crafting grid to craft a mossy cobblestone wall and then take it into your inventory.

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