How to Make NBA 2k21 Next Gen Install Faster (ps5)

In this guide, you will come to know how to install NBA 2K21: NEXT GEN on PS5 faster. It is worth knowing, and you can have more fun playing the game.

You can install the NBA 2K21: NEXT GEN on PS5 very easily. You have to start your PS5 and come up to the Library; you will see the NBA 2K21 there. When your download comes to the certain point, you can open the game and play to a few limited features. To speed up the installation, you need to close the application to impact your downloading speed. It is recommended not to play the game during the installation process.

It is also recommended to use the Ethernet Cable instead of Wifi Connection because Ethernet Cable is much more reliable than Wifi. You will need a cable and connect it to your router. Once you have done it, you need to connect the other side of the cable to your PS5. 

You have to come to the Homepage and click on the gear icon on the top of the right corner. Further, go to the Network, click on the Settings, and navigate the Set Up Internet Connection option. There you need to select the Set Up Wired LAN and it whatever you want. Then come to the Connect option.  

You can go to the given link and choose the best public DNS for you.

To connect it, you will need to go to the Network and click on the Settings. Afterwards, come to the Set Up Internet Connection option, and you need to select the Advanced Settings there.

Now come to the DNS Settings and select the Manual option. There you have to enter the DNS codes to Primary DNS and Secondary DNS. Then come to the Ok option. Here Google public DNS server has been used.  

It will help you to speed up the installation speed. You can also use the Google public DNS server. You have to type in Primary DNS and in Secondary DNS. 

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