How to Setup Your Tuners Auto Shop Business in GTA 5 Online

In this guide, you will get to know how to set up your tuners auto shop business in GTA Online. In the beginning, you will have to head on to the kami area. The next thing that will depend on your preference is whether you want to either walk in or drive. After completing this step you will move onto the first cutscene of this new DLC. This is how the whole scenario will look like.

After watching the cutscene, you will be provided with options to walk into the complete facility and can see what is new out there. In the real facility, you will see a tattoo shop and there will be a clothing shop as well. This is how the scene will look like.

However, you will have to look for your car as it will be randomly parked somewhere in the parking spaces. You will have to talk to these people in order to start the car meet race to get the membership which obviously you will have to buy at the place named Mimi for more or less around fifty thousand dollars. These will be the people whom you will have to meet to get the membership.

As compared to membership, the foreclosure will be way more expensive. You will find that at the Maze Bank Foreclosure site. You will see a new tab under the auto shop option. If you select any of them, you will find that all of them will be in the city.

You can select any five of them at any time or location as it will not have much of an effect. Once you select them, head over to it and further select the cosmetic.

You will then select the style, tin, and emblem of your liking as it has nothing to do with it. However, the choice of staff will really matter because they are the ones upon which your business will really matter as hiring more members will save your time for business as the staff will do all the deliveries. If you buy two members, then it will double your capacity of buying cars.

Moreover, in the extras, you will see personal quarters or a car life which will be acting as a secondary area in order to repair the cars.

All of this will be under a total of $4 million, so make sure to buy each and everything you want. Now you can move forward to start your business. You will be brought to this cut scene.

If you notice that your wall railing is not of the color you picked, then you don’t need to panic as you are here to set it up. After that, you will need to start a new contract with the contractor which you will see in the scene. In order to start a new contract, you need to be a CEO or mc to upgrade your business.

After that, the Sims mission is really simple as you don’t have to go silent. You will go all guns blazing. Just steal the car and exit the impound area.

You can’t call Leicester a very sad day. Head back to the auto shop and deliver the car. You see 3 new contracts on your board for you to select while there are a total of 8 contracts. Once you complete these 3, it will give you access to the other contracts.

At the top right corner, you can see the completed contracts and the money earned. You can also repeat contracts as many times as you want. There will be a garage as well so you don’t need to buy one as it will be a 10 story garage. After following all these steps, your business will be completely set up. You just need to buy the membership and the business to set it up.

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