How To Make Simple Hidden Redstone Enchanting Room

Simple Hidden Redstone Enchanting Room is a room with an enchanting table in the center. You can pull the lever to bring the walls up and pull it down to hide the walls under the ground. In this guide you will learn the method of how to make his room. 

The very first thing you will need to do is to dig the ground up to the dimensions of 7*7 blocks and go 3 blocks deeper. 

Add oak wood blocks along the border and then place redstone torch inside these wood blocks. Skip only one block from one side.

The next thing you need to do is to place pistons at the top of each redstone torch. And then use the redstone dust on the top of wood blocks. 

After this, you have to add a lever on the ground to activate the redstone. Add a lever and connect it with redstone dust. 

Place the bookshelves at the top of the pistons and use oak blocks to fill the empty area in the middle. And then cover the border area with oak wood blocks. 

Pull the lever up and the bookshelves will come on top. If you pull the lever back, they will go under the ground again. 

Finally, you need to place an enchanting table in the middle of this room. You have successfully made a Hidden redstone enchanting room.

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