How To Make TV and Speakers

In order to make TV and speakers, you need black concrete blocks, banners, painting, smooth quartz slabs, stairs and ok buttons. 

This guide will let you know how to design TV and Speakers in the Minecraft game.

The first thing you need to do is to bring your loom out in order to make a banner. Add a black banner and gray dye in it and select the design for the new banner. 

Take this banner again in the loom with gray dye and select the design to have a final one. Bring the banner in your inventory. 

Now you need to make a TV. Place 8 black concrete blocks on the wall and add a painting on the front. Then add two smooth quartz stairs at the bottom and two smooth quartz slabs on sides as shown in the image below. Add two oak buttons on the left side of the TV.

The next thing you need to do is to place two black concrete blocks on either side of the TV. And add a banner on them to make speakers. 

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