How to Make Weighted Pressure Plate (Light)

Weighted pressure plate(heavy) generates a varying redstone signal strength depending on the number of objects on it. It emits stronger signals than a weighted pressure plate(heavy).

To make a weighted pressure plate(light), you just need two things, Gold Ore and Gold Ingot using Furnace. Please follow the following steps to make a Weighted Pressure Plate(Heavy).

Gold Ore

In order to make a weighted pressure plate(light), firstly you need to find at least two gold ores. Equip your stone pickaxe and find some gold ore blocks. You will find some in the underground mining area. 

Gold Ingot using Furnace 

Now we need to use the furnace to get gold ingots. Go towards the furnace, add coal in the lower box and gold ore blocks in the upper box of it. Two gold ore blocks will give you two gold ingots. Add these gold ingots into your inventory. 

Weighted Pressure Plate(Light)

Now we can craft a weighted pressure plate by adding two gold ingots in adjacent cells of any row of the 3*3 crafting grid. You will get a weighted pressure plate(light) in the right side box of the crafting table. Add this item in your “ready to use” stock. 

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