How To Make Wooden Pressure Plate

The wooden pressure plates are used to trigger doors, trapdoors, TNT bombs, etc. Just like you make use of buttons. In this brief guide we will tell you how you can make a wooden pressure plate in Minecraft survival. There are just two things you need to make one I.e. woods, wood planks.


Equip your stone axe and chop down any of the trees to get at least six wood blocks

Wood Planks

After that you will have to make planks from Oak woods you have collected. Go towards the crafting table and open 3*3 crafting grid. Add the oak wooden logs on the grid to craft wooden planks. Four woods can make 16 planks. Add them into inventory to use later.

Wooden Pressure Plate

Open up the crafting table once more and add 2 planks in the lower row of the crafting grid, you will have one pressure plate in the right side box. Add this crafted wooden pressure plate in your “ready to use” stock. 

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