How to Make Your Sims NOT To Fear Werewolves – The Sims 4

This guide will show you how to make your sims not fear werewolves. You need to have a good relationship with other sims and unlock the Werewolf Diplomacy to make a sim fearless of the Werewolf.

Relationship with sims

The werewolf sim needs to unlock the diplomacy ability and have a good relationship with the other sims. Go to the Friendly character and try an interaction with another sim.

Werewolf diplomacy ability

After that, click on the sim, go to the “Werewolf” category and choose the “Ask for Werewolf Sympathy” interaction. The Werewolf sim will unlock the diplomacy ability if the interaction succeeds. Remember that this interaction will only work if you have a good relationship with the other sim.

“Werewolf diplomacy” interaction

After unlocking the Werewolf diplomacy ability, click on the sim and choose the “Werewolf” option. Then tap on the “Werewolf diplomacy” interaction, and your sim will gain the Werewolf Aly trait. Now your sim won’t be afraid of Werewolf, and there will be no drop in relationship.