How to Rank Up LS Car Meet Reputation – GTA Online: Los Santos Tuners

This guide will let you know how to Rank Up LS Car Meet Reputation in GTA Online: Los Santos Tuners. 

Access to the LSCM area is free, but you have to buy a membership for GTA of $50,000 to participate in the activities and rank-ups.

Unlock new features and items together with a 5% discount for customizing your vehicle at your auto shop.

The first rank is unlocked by buying the membership, but you need to accumulate 95 reputation points to reach rank two.

The number of points required for the next rank is grown by five each time, meaning 100 points for rank 3, 105 for rank 4, up until 1080 for rank 199.

From rank 200 onwards, the number of points required for each level doesn’t change any more. It will always be 1,100 points.

While activities reward you with RPs and Reputation points, earning just RPs won’t raise the reputation bar and vice versa.

There are four main categories of rewarded actions: Once in a lifetime, once a day, repetition, then street and pursuit races.

The races and challenges award you every time you complete one of them; the number of points given results from a calculation of two main things.

Your position at the end of the race will be the number of rivals you have beaten.

If you’re a good racer and are lucky enough to find full lobbies, ranking up is not that hard.

At this moment, the easiest way to collect reputation points is by completing all daily bonus activities every day.

Keep your streak active for the additional bonuses, and when you’re too tired to keep racing, go AFK inside the car meet to collect the points.

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