How to Reset Stats for Free – Blox Fruits

This simple guide helps to reset stats for free in Blox Fruits. You have to locate and interact with the in-game NPC that will assist you in resetting the stats.

  • Begin by exploring the in-game world to find the NPC named Polkster.
  • Head to the bridge that connects the Green Zone and the Kingdom of Rose.
    This bridge is typically located within the 2nd Sea region of the game.
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  • Approach Polkster and initiate a conversation by standing close to him.
  • During your conversation with Polkster, look for a dialogue related to resetting your character’s stat points.
  • When prompted, confirm your decision to reset your character’s stat points.
    It will cost you 2500 fragments, so ensure that you have this currency available.
    Once you’ve confirmed your purchase, all your stat points will be unassigned.
  • Take your time to carefully reallocate your stat points to create a character build that suits your preferred playstyle.
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