How to Run From Battles in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

This guide will show you HOW TO RUN From Battles in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

When you are in battle, you can run away from the battle at any time with the weapon in hand but the enemies will keep attacking you when you’re in the vicinity.

You must distance yourself from the enemy and when you are far enough, they will leave you alone. The best strategy is to sheathe your weapon by pressing and holding the ‘A’ button on your controller. This way you can run faster to evade the battle.

A better strategy is to have a team player to keep the enemy engaged while you can easily run away. But while running away you should also be mindful not to bump into other enemies and get into another battle.

You cannot sheathe your weapon in battles that are from the main quest and story. you can restart a battle or return safely to the nearest landmark by pressing and holding the minus button, depending on the type of battle.  

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