How to Sit And Eat On The Edge Of The Pool – The Sims 4

Your sims can enjoy their food sitting on the edge of the pool. This guide will show you how to sit and eat on the pool’s edge in The Sims 4.

Cook a meal 

You have to go to the kitchen and cook a meal your sim can hold and eat. Once the food is cooked, click on it and select the “Put in Inventory” option. Or you can open your inventory, left-click on the food while holding it, and then drag & drop the food in your inventory.

Go to the Pool

Now you must go to the pool, zoom in, and drag your cursor on the edge. Left-click on it and choose the “Sit Here” option. It will make your sim sit on the pool’s edge; then, you have to open up your inventory and left-click on the meal.

Start Eating

Tap on the “Eat” option and your sim will start eating the food sitting there.