How to Speed boost and Glitch Roll in FiveM

In this guide, you will learn how to speed boost and Glitch Roll in FiveM using the easiest method.

Glitch Roll

In this section, you will learn how to Glitch Roll in FiveM.

  • First, you have to click your shoot or aim button and then press the spacebar for the jump.
    This causes your character to roll backward.
  • While rolling backward, press the B key at the same time and once your player’s back hits the ground, release the keys.
  • Quickly click the W and A keys on the on-screen keyboard simultaneously.
  • If clicking W and A is challenging, you can skip clicking A. Instead, click F after the initial rollback.
  • Roll back, click S and B, and then click W.
    This method may not be as effective, but it provides an alternative for those finding W and A challenging.


This section describes how to Speedboost in FiveM.

  • Ensure you are holding the Shift key throughout the entire process. While holding Shift, run to the right, aim in, and look slightly to your left (do not overflip).
  • Tap the S key and A key simultaneously to change direction quickly, and ensure you only tap S, don’t hold it. When you want to go back to the right, run to the left.
  • Flick to your right a bit and click the B key, no need to tap S on your right side.
    Be cautious not to overflip, as it can disrupt the maneuver.