How to Stop Grapple Hijacks in Halo Infinite

In this guide, you will come to know how to stop the Grapple Hijacks in Halo Infinite.

It is a straightforward method to prevent Applejacks. You have to exit the wasp once you see/hear them grapple and get close to you; this will detach their grapple, and they will fall.

It works specifically well with the wasp as you must enter the vehicle from above. It is why grappling from below does not work when there’s no pilot.

It even works with other vehicles such as the Warthod. If you see that you’re about to be grapple jacked as the driver, you will need to hop out at the right time, and there’s a good chance they will be in the passenger seat.

You can easily take them out by moving backward, out of their shooting area, as the passenger cannot shoot 360 degrees.

The same thing goes for the turret user; if they are about to be grapple-jacked, they can hop out at the right time and then hijack it back instantly.

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