How To Unlock Multiplayer in Monster Hunter Stories 2

This guide provides a fairly simple and easy way to unlock multiplayer options in Monster Hunter Stories 2. It will take around 10 hours of playing this game in order to unlock the multiplayer option. You need to complete a mission called a “stranger in black” along with Alwyn. You will find and defeat the monster named Naga Kuga. Once this mission is done, Alwyn will inform you about your newly unlocked mission, which is the multiplayer mode.

You can’t unlock the multiplayer player option until you are a little bit further in the game that’s you have played the game a bit. It depends on how much time you have played this very game and how much exporlings you have done. After you have played this game for around 10 hours, then you can easily unlock the multiplayer option.

In order to unlock the multiplayer option in the game, you will need to unlock the Rutoh village and complete a mission called a stranger in black. This mission involves Alwyn.

You have to go and find a monster. The monster would most probably be Naga Kuga. Then when you complete the mission and defeat the monster, Alwyn will challenge you to a duel to compare you with your grandfather essentially.

Win or Lose doesn’t have much importance in the battle as you will just get some experience in case of winning. Once the battle is done, Alwyn will inform you that there is a whole new world of a ton of hunters and he will tell you about the new mode being unlocked which is the “multiplayer mode”.

When you get back to your quest mode, you will notice two new modes which are Tournament Mode and Multiplayer mode.

In the tournament mode, you will have a lot of grind and can earn some rewards and xps. Multiplayer mode was the option which you were looking to get and now as you have unlocked it then you will have the option of playing with local friends or even with random people online over an internet connection like Wi-Fi. After selecting the multiplayer option, you will have more options like co-op quest or multiplayer battle.

Now after going through this guide, you will be able to do a multiplayer or a co-op quest with your friends and can get a lot of new things in the game which were not available before.

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