How to Unlock New Wizard Opera Skin Soul Knight

This guide is about a combo that is used to claim the Opera Wizard Skin.

Badass Mode in multiplayer, stack Boss Rush is also approved.

In this guide, we have chosen the boss rush.

You will need a friend to play together or 2nd device to afk.

You can use necromancer with its 1st skill: Nightmare.

Your friend may use a paladin with 1st skill: Energy shield. And you can use some plants to get the base resistance buff.

Using Snowman Eagle+Green Ring (freeze, summon, snowman and buff HP).

Devil’s Snare:

In this guide, we have combine skill and snowman eagle to spam followers.

Your friend can freeze the boss and turn on armor as needed.

King Snow Ape: 


Headless Knight and his horse:

Baby Dragon Bros.

Floating laser ufo:

It is effective.

Now, check your result.

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