How To Unlock Silverstar Fast ?

In order to unlock Silverstar faster, you need to go to Barracks and activate the mission named Alliance.

Head to Weapons in the Co-Op menu and create a loadout with sniper rifle or marksman rifle as you would like to. The most important perk is hardline, you need this to get free munitions to restock your ammo. Also take stim and claymore.

Take an armor, ammo crate and a juggernaut suit as well. And load up to the operation “Strongbox”.

Objective # 01

Once the mission got started, ride a truck and take one of your friends with you (not necessary though). Stop the car near a white container and pick up the saw.

Ride back the car and take it to a huge building. Wear up your juggernaut suit and take down all the enemies out there.

Once the area is all clear, you will need to place the claymore in the room.

Move back down stairs and cut the gate with the help of a saw. This will initiate an endless wave of enemies and you can get your 100 kills. Head back to the room again nad shoot the enmies coming in there.

The game will not let you know how many you have killed, keep an eye on the scoreboard so that you come to know that how far are you from the objective. When you are done, complete the operation or leave. Have a look on objective 2.

Objective # 02

Select the weapons from the main menu. Use an assault rifle, active ability will reload your weapon with extra damage rounds. It will also refill the ammo. Pick up thermite as it is useful against the Wheelson. Also take an ammo crate and two sentries, you can take the jugger suit to clear the vault area.

Make sure you are using the Operator “OTTER”. Start the mission and ride on the truck.

Stop the car near the white container and pick up a saw and then take this car to the bank. Enter into the bank and counter all the enemies out there.

Place two sentries and start cutting the iron door with a saw.

There will be a new wave of enemies as you try to cut the gate. Clear up the area with your friend, revive him if he gets injured by the attacks of enemies and top up from your ammo crate.

Cut the gate and switch to shotgun in order to counter the first juggernaut.

After taking down one juger, move to the third floor of the building. Place a bomb on the door of the branch manager’s room.

You will find a juggernaut in the room. Take him down with your shotgun.

Now you will need to head to the roof of the building to kill the third juggernaut and banker.

Once you kill a banker and the last jugger, a huge number of enemies will come on the roof to attack you. Just cover yourself and counterattack. Kill all the enemies around you and one more jugger at the top. Repeat the same to kill 50 juggernauts in order to accomplish your objective.

Objective # 03

Let’s move on to the next objective. Load up the operation “Headhunter”.

Once the operation get started, climb up the stairs and then jump from the roof with a parachute and counter the enemies on ground with melee attacks.

The main objective is to kill the enemies with melee attacks. There is no need to fire them up this time.

After completing this objective, you will head onto the next one.

Objective # 04

Pick up PKM LMG gun, cold blooded, overkill and tune up perks. You will also need to pick up thermite, stim and 3 cluster strikes to complete this objective. Choose an engineer class to deal more damage to vehicles. Load the operation “Strongbox” and ride on to the truck.

Reach near the enemy’s tank and deploy a drone.

After that, you will need to shoot the tank. Don’t worry, it won’t hit you back. Just keep shooting with your gun until it destroys completely.

The first one is done, now you have to destroy the second tank. Reach the exact location of the tank and keep shooting until the tank destroys completely.

Just repeat the same to destroy 10 tanks and complete your objective.

Now you will move to objective 5.

Objective # 05

You will need to bring three precision strikes and then start the operation “Paladin”.

Just grab the doctor and head to the swimming pool section.

There will be a wave of enemies, just stand near the door and counter them.

When the number of enemies increases even more, you can call the air strike.

After clearing all the enemies, look around the area for more precision strikes.

Find any other location with a huge number of enemies, so that you can call the airstrike. And repeat the same until you reach 50 kills.

Now you will move on to the next objective.

Objective # 06

This objective is pretty simple as compared to previous ones. You will just need to complete 4 co-op operations. And you will block silverstar after completing them.


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