How to Preserve Food – Going Medieval

In this guide, you will learn how to preserve food in Going Medieval. Being able to preserve food is essential for surviving winter and being prepared for winter in Going Medieval. It will also let you manage the supply chains in the game to ensure you’re getting the desired result.   

There are two options in your research tree to solve the food problem. The first option is not very convenient and friendly, but it will give you access to the smokehouse. You have to make sure that you get the smoked meat to store for the winter and to do so, you have to dig into the supply chain management of the game. 

Animal carcasses are stage one of the meat food chain, and they are turned into raw meat at the butcher table. The raw meat will turn into cooked meat in the campfire or smoked, which will preserve it in the smokehouse. If your settlers are eating the meat and not preserving it in the smokehouse for future use, you have to go to the edit tab, and then you have to select which items you want them to cook for a meal, as shown in the image below.  

The only way to process your raw meat is to turn the meat into smoked meat at the smokehouse. And if your villagers are not stopping from eating meat, you have to go to the manage tab, which will allow you to check that your winter stores do not get pilfered at the start of the winter season. You will need to select the food for the villagers from this tab and don’t select the meat; you can also change the food selection in the winter for your villagers. 

When you open the edit food profiles option, and from there, you can select the exact item you want your villagers to be able to consume, as shown in the image below.  

Once you get all the knowledge about preserving food, you can unlock the packaged meal in the game. With this upgrade, your standard meals will have the eternal preserving goodness of being wrapped in a shirt stripped off the corpse of your deceased enemies. It requires the additional clothing fabric to make it a packaged meal, and these meals will not decay over time.  

If you are short on clothes, you have to go to the sewing station, dismantle items for cloth, and be given the pacing raids in the game. Then you will never have a shortage of well-clothed individuals coming to drop off additional cloth for you. If you are playing in Sandbox without raids, you will not get anything from there. 

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