How to Unlock the Go Go Monkey Blista in Gta Online: Arena War

This guide will let you know how to unlock the Go-Go Monkey Blanket in GTA Online: Arena War. 

With the new “Arena War” update, you can unlock the exclusive Dinka Go Go Monkey Blista by achieving Skill Level 20 in the Arena.


You can easily boost skill levels by playing private arena matches with just one friend.

The fastest way to rank up is by playing “Carnage” and “Here Come the Monsters” (play as the Gladiator to quickly win the match).

Each skill level requires you to win an equal number of times. For level 2, you have to win 2 matches; then you need to win three more matches for level 3, four more for level 4, five more for level 5, and so on.

Contenders have 1 life; if you are destroyed then you are out. Be the last alive to win. If a winner is not determined, then the player with the most kills wins. To reach skill level 20, “Arena Legend” and unlock the Go Go Monkey Blista, you have to win a total of 210 matches.

Here Come the Monsters:

Gladiators destroy all enemy vehicles. It will take you around 9 hours to win 210 matches in a row against a friend.

You will need to crush all of the contenders before the end of the round to win. If a Gladiator is destroyed, the round time will be reduced by 30 seconds.

If you lose or leave a match, your level points will decrease by one. Level 20, “Arena Legend”, is the cap level, and you can’t progress further. That means you can win 1000 more matches, but if you lose just once, your winning stats will decrease to 209, and your skill level will go back to 19.

By reaching level 20, you will unlock 20 platinum awards that will give you a total of $525,000, a trophy in your trophy case, and the Go-Go Monkey Blista that you can acquire for free from

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