Humankind – Controls Guide

Humankind is a 4x single-player game that is designed with different themed music tracks. There are six new cultures in the game including Bantu, Garamantes, Swahili, Maasai, Ethiopians, and Nigerians. 

In this guide, you’ll find all the Controls to Play Humankind.

Activate or SelectLeft Mouse ClickPress Left Mouse Click to Activate or Select
Cancel or ExitRight Mouse ClickPress Right Mouse Click to Cancel or Exit
Move Camera UpW, Arrow Up, or MousePress W, Arrow Up, or Mouse to Move Camera Up
Move Camera LeftA, Arrow Left, or MousePress A, Arrow Left, or Mouse to Move Camera Left
Move Camera DownS, Arrow Down, or MousePress S, Arrow Down, or Mouse to Move Camera Down
Move Camera RightD, Arrow Right, or MousePress D, Arrow Right, or Mouse to Move Camera Right
Zoom Camera InPage Down or Mouse WheelPress Page Down or Mouse Wheel to Zoom Camera In
Zoom Camera OutPage Up or Mouse WheelPress Page Up or Mouse Wheel to Zoom Camera Out
Camera Rotate LeftQPress Q to Rotate the Camera On the Left Side
Camera Rotate RightEPress E to Rotate Camera On The Left Side
End the TurnEnterPress Enter to End the Turn
Chat (Multiplayer)EnterPress Enter to Chat
Empire Screen1Press 1 to Use Empire Screen
Cultures Screen2Press 2 to Use Cultures Screen
Technology PanelAlt + 3Press Alt + 3 to Use Technology Panel
Technology Screen3Press 3 to Use Technology Screen
Civics Screen4Press 4 to Use Civics Screen
Society PanelAlt + 4Press Alt + 4 to Use Society Panel
Tenet Panel5Press 5 to Use Tenet Panel
Religion ScreenAlt + 5Press Alt + 5 to Use Religion Screen
Religion PanelCtrl + 5Press Ctrl + 5 to Use Religion Panel
All Military Forces PanelShift + APress Shift + A to Use All Military Forces Panels
All Cities and Outposts PanelShift + CPress Shift + C to Use All Cities and Outposts Panels
Cultural Wonder PanelShift + WPress Shift + W to Use Cultural Wonder Panel
Hex and FIMS GridOPress O to Use Hex and FIMS Grid
Hex Grid#Press # to Use Hex Grid
FIMS Grid]Press ] to Use FIMS Grid
Next ArmyNPress N to Move To Next Army
Previous ArmyPPress P to Move To Previous Army
Next City or OutpostNPress N to Move to Next City or Outpost
Previous City or OutpostPPress P to Move to Previous City or Outpost
Move Army ActionMPress M to Move Army Action
Attack Army ActionTPress T to Attack Army Action
Ransack Army ActionRPress R to Ransack Army Action
Station Army Action,Press, to Use Station Army Action
Clear Forest Army ActionFPress F to Use Clear Forest Army Action
Claim TerritoryOPress O to Use Claim Territory
Skip Army Action/Press / to Skip Army Action
Auto-Explore Army Action;Press ; to Auto-Explore Army Action
Regroup Army ActionShift + ;Press Shift + ; to Regroup Army Action
Only Buildable ConstructiblesYPress Y to Only Buildable Constructibles
BuyoutShift + YPress Shift + Y to Buyout
All ConstructiblesAlt + YPress Alt + Y to See All Constructibles
Battle End RoundBackspacePress Backspace to Battle End Round
Help LayerF1Press F1 to Use Help Layer
Quick SaveF5Press F5 to Quickly Save
Quick LoadF9Press F9 to Quickly Load
Toggle UI VisibilityShift + F10Press Shift + F10 to Toggle UI Visibility
Toggle Tooltip VisibilityCtrl + Shift + F10Press Ctrl + Shift + F10 to Toggle Tooltip Visibility
Credits List ScrollingSpace, Page Up, or Page DownPress Space, Page Up, or Page Down to Credits List Scrolling
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