Imponte ZZ-8 Muscle Car In GTA 5 Online

In this guide, you will find everything that you need to know before buying The Imponte ZZ-8 Muscle Car in Grand Theft Auto 5 Online.

This vehicle is on the Southern San Andreas super sports site. It is a two-door muscle car for the price of one million three hundred and twenty thousand dollars. It is one of the least expensive vehicles from this DLC and it’s also a fan favorite.

Now if you go ahead and bring this into the Los Santos custom shop where you’ll be thrilled with all the customization available for it. You can see there are 22 options for customization which is just awesome.

Starting with the bumpers, you’ll notice that there are a ton of options. You’ve got 20 options for the front bumpers which allow you to have a ton of customization and there’s even a good number of options for the back bumper too, not quite as many but still, you do get about 11 options to choose from so a ton of good choices there for the bumpers.

You also have about 11 exhaust options to choose from. All of them will give a completely different look. As expected, there are a lot of hood options, 20 of them to choose from. You can go with a more classic iconic look or you can customize this thing up if you want.

After that, there are a handful of liveries. The first livery is tribal flame and it is based on the 2002 Pontiac firebird trans am collectors edition.

The second livery on the car ruiner bird, is a clear reference to the iconic phoenix livery of the Pontiac firebirds. Right off the bat, you’re getting two liveries that are just extremely iconic for this real-life vehicle.

The next livery is white ray stripes which are going to put two big white stripes on the hood, roof, and back of the car. It does the same thing with black race stripes too. Then white tribal race stripes and, black tribal race stripes are kind of a combination of tribal flame and the racing stripes so you can see where it puts that decorative tribal design on the side of each door so you can come up with some cool designs.

Following that, there are red flames which are very simple and as it sounds you just have a huge amount of red flames coming from the front of the car going up on the hood and on the side of the vehicle too.

Following that is Yogarishima, which puts the Yogarishima logo on the side with these thin red pinstripes on the door sill going towards the back.

Then there is Stance Andreas who is going to put a handful of different unique sponsorships on the car. It’s going to be doing so in this sort of gray and white pattern.

The final one is redwood which is one of the iconic in-game brands of cigarettes in the GTA franchise. It’s going to have its signature sort of brown light blue red design.

So those are all of your liveries right there there’s again a ton that you can end up choosing from.

Following the liveries, you’ve got mudguards. You have primary secondary flaps, and black flaps if you did want to add those.

Then moving on to color palettes you got primary color which is going to have an impact on essentially everything on the outside of the car. And then secondary is going to have an impact on a handful of things that you can choose as well. But there’s nothing you can do about the interior color for this car so they keep it pretty simple.

After you choose the colors you move on to the roof, there’s a roof panel that you can adjust. You can choose between a primary c pillar, plastic, or a carbon c pillar. But you can also change up the rooftop if you want to completely open a t-top, plastic t-top, or a carbon one.

Following that you got a handful of skirt options 16 of them in total again you can leave this car as classic if you want or you can customize it.

After your skirts, there are a few sun strip options too, if you want to apply those with a couple of in-game brands like power metal, mine mock, and a fukaro.

Next, there are a handful of spoiler options. One thing to note here is that even though it already comes with a spoiler, unless you apply one of the upgraded options you’re not going to get that traction bonus.

After that, the only other thing you can upgrade unique to this car is the trunk where you can choose between secondary or carbon.

When you bring this car outside of the Los Santos custom shop and test it, you’ll find that you can open up the doors and the trunk and the hood exposing the eautiful-looking engine which looks incredible.

You’ve also got a nice set of headlights on the car too. Unfortunately, there’s no set of extra bright lights that you have on this vehicle but that’s what the headlights look like and that’s what the tail lights look like as well.

This car is lovely, it’s based on one of the most classic muscle cars of all time with so many cool real-life references. It’s just a fun muscle car to drive around to take to car shows again it’s going to feature some of the most iconic cars in the world like the Pontiac firebird also sharing some similarities from the chevy Camaro so you’re getting into a lot of amazing American muscle cars.

The thing about this car that’s a little unfortunate is there’s no trade price to unlock so that 1 million 3 hundred and 20 thousand is something that’s going to be here and something you’re going to have to pay regardless.

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