Insane Lottery Glitch In Pixel Gun 3D

In this brief guide, you will get to know about the Insane Lottery Glitch in pixel gun 3D!

You can get anything you want from this lottery. So first you load in the account selection menu.

Then go to the chests, turn wifi off and open it. And if you do not like it, go to your account, log into your second account and turn the wifi on.

Log back into the first account. If you like then turn wifi on immediately after getting a reward.

Now here is how this is done. Load into the account selection menu.

(If you do not do this when you turn wifi off you won’t be able to access the second account).

The next step is going to the chests tab and turning wifi off. Now open the chest.

The next thing is account selection, to switch to your second account.

Now turn the wifi on, go back to the first account. As you can see, the id has been changed.

You will get your keys back.

Now just turn wifi on. That’s how you do that.

Now to prove it is not just a visual glitch! We will purchase what we wanted to get.


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