Instant House Add-On – Minecraft Pe

This guide will let you know about Instant House Add-On In Minecraft Pe. Follow the simple guide steps given below to add a new object to your game.  

Step 1

The first thing you have to do is download the file from the link below.

Step 2

After downloading the file, you have to go to the Google play store and download the Zarchiver app. When you download it, you have to open it and then go to the downloads folder. There, you will find your downloaded file, as shown in the image below. 

Step 3

Click on the file, and then select the rename option. Then you have to remove .zip from the end of the file name, as you can see in the image below. 

Step 4

When you remove it, you have to click on the OK button, and then you have to refresh the page. Now you have to click on the file and tap on the arrow sign next to the view option, and then you have to select the Minecraft option.  

Step 5

When you click on it, your Minecraft game will open, and there, you will see the notification of import successfully on the top of the screen.  

Step 6

Now you have to click on the Play option and then create a new world. Change the game mode from survival to creative, and then you have to change the world type to Flat, as shown in the image below.

Step 7

On the left side, you have to swipe up and click on the Behavior Pack option. Then click on My packs and activate the Instant Structures pack.  

Step 8

After that, you have to click on the create option and wait for a while to generate a new world. To make a structure, you have to type a command, so you have to go to the message tab and type /function. Then press the space key, and then you have to type the name of the structure you want to add to your game. If you want to add house, you have to write /function modern_house1 in the message and then press the next button, and then your house will be added in the game, as shown in the image below.  

Step 9

Now, if you want to add another object in your world, you have to do the same, go to the message bar and type the command of another object, and when you press the next button, then after 5 seconds your new object will be added in your game.  

Visit the link given below to find these commands.

Step 10

Open the link, scroll down and there you will find all the commands to add an object to your world.  

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