Just Ride: Apparent Horizon – Controls Guide

Just Ride: Apparent Horizon is an exciting, futuristic Racing game. It is set in 2025 when digital currencies and virtual transactions will become the main economy of the world.  You will play as Jason, a MotoGP retired ace driver who has mastered his car skills to snatch and steal.

In this guide, you’ll find all the Controls to Play Just Ride: Apparent Horizon .

Just Ride: Apparent Horizon Keyboard Controls

MenuEscPress Esc to Open Menu
MovementW A S DPress W A S D to Move
BrakeSpacebarPress Spacebar to Use Brake
WheelieShiftPress Shift to Use Wheelie
Back ViewAltPress Alt for Back View
LightTabPress Tab to Turn on Light
TrumpetQPress Q to Use Trumpet
Accept ChallengeEPress E to Accept Challenge
Use SkillsFPress F to Use Skills
Switch Skills1 2 3 4Press 1 2 3 4 to Switch Skills
StealLeft Mouse ButtonPress Left Mouse Button to Steal
KickRight Mouse ButtonPress Right Mouse Button to Kick

Just Ride: Apparent Horizon Gamepad Controls

BrakeLTPress LT to Use Brake
LightLBPress LB to Use Light
Steering / RollLeft Stick (Left and Right)Press Left Stick (Left and Right) to Roll
Forward / BackLeft Stick (Up and Down)Press Left Stick (Up and Down) to Move Forward / Back
Switch SkillsDirectional PadPress Directional Pad to Switch Skills
MenuMenu ButtonPress Menu Button to Open Menu
AcceleratorRTPress RT to Accelerate
Back ViewRBPress RB to Use Back View
Accept ChallengeYPress Y to Accept Challenge
TrumpetBPress B to Trumpet
StealAPress A to Steal
KickXPress X to Kick
Look AroundRight StickPress Right Stick to Look Around
Use SkillsR3Press R3 to Use Skills
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