Labyrinth Hard Mode Tips – AFK Arena

This guide will provide you with all the tips for Labyrinth Hard Mode in AFK Arena. It will also, show the relics usually chosen when running hard mode. 

There is no need for heals if you can deal that amount of damage at that speed.

Now let’s check out the best relics when running hard mode. It is a must, 35% Def and Atk rating boost. 

The stun can cancel skills are simply awesome, and the damage is pretty decent as well.

The poison speeds up damage as it stacks.

You can also have attack buffs from Belinda and Estrilda.

Rosaline is the key in this run. Her ATK buff and ATK amplify boosted Shemira further.

Belinda has those too, so she deserves credit as well The Devoted Statue.  

If you don’t have the L Ragespike, you can have an E Arcane Spellbook.

Aside from Rosaline, this helped Shemira spam her ULT.

It is the reason why you need to use three more Graveborns with Shemira and Rosaline.  

Shemira’s health affects her damage; you should get this if there’s no better choice.  

Icebringer and Firebringer combo reduce enemy heroes’ DEF and ATK, just these two ATK buffs.

Of course, Thane’s relic Moonstone and Sunstone combo double your health and energy recovery rate.

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