Lost Loves And Missing Memories Quest Guide -Disney Dreamlight Valley

This is a complete Lost Loves and Missing Memories Quest guide In Disney Dreamlight Valley. You have to follow all the instructions carefully to complete it.

First of all, you will need to watch Anna and Kristoff talk.

Then talk to Anna again.

After that, you have to look for Kristoff’s climbing gear.

There is Kristoff’s climbing gear in the image, it’s close to Ursula’s cave and is shown on the map. So you have to pick it up and bring it to Anna.

After that, you need to fix it. Therefore you’ll be needing some rope and some fabric and some iron ingots and some hardwood.

You can find the hardwood in the forest of valor and the glade of trust.

The fabric is made from seaweed and ropes are made from fabric, so you’ll need 10 or 12 seaweeds. To get the seaweed, you need to fish into the water where there are no bubbles.

Now for iron, you have to get iron ore from the forest of valor and the glade of trust and the sunlight plateau.

They’re in the rocks, as shown in the image below.

Once you get enough seaweed and enough iron. Then get iron ores, you need three of them to make 15 iron ingots.

Then take fiber and make ropes out of it. It will consume 35 fibers.

The fabric is made from cotton and cotton can be picked out of the ground on the sunlit plateau. You can also grow cotton if you can’t find it. So to do that, you need to buy 10 cotton seeds.

Then plant the cotton, water it and wait. It will probably take 35 minutes. After that, you can harvest it.

After that, you need to make three fabrics.

Now you have crafted what you needed to repair Kristoff’s climbing gear, go ahead and make the repairs.

Then you need to bring it to Anna.

That’s it, the quest is completed.

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