“Lucky Spinner” Trophy Guide – GTA San Andreas

It is a complete guide for the “Lucky Spinner” trophy in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. 

You first need to progress through the game for this trophy until you unlock Las Venturas.

There are few ways to win at least $1,000 in a single spin of the wheel of fortune and unlock the trophy.

It’s recommended to increase your Gambling skill to make things easier. You will need to head to a roulette table and choose the highest wager available.

You have to bet half of the maximum wager on red and half on black. The outcome is a “no-win” situation by playing the roulette game, and it will return all of your money.

It will increase your gambling skill without spending any money.

Keep repeating this method to get a maximum gambling skill in no time.

Once you can gamble on 1,000$ tables, find a wheel of fortune table of 1,000.

If you can’t find the table, exit and re-enter the casino until it shows up.

Once you find it, bet everything on 1$, It could take a few tries.

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